Vampire Soulslike NFT Game

Kai, a royal and very old vampire, must rescue his made-vampire consort Cirice from the clutches of Necrocorvo at Frosthaven Castle and get enough blood to sustain himself. The game is using cutting edge blockchain technology in combination with a story-driven, single-player RPG, elements of DeFi and visual novels.

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Immortal RPG Game and NFT Collection

Collect NFTs and tokens to use in our games, animes and webtoons. Create a community ecosystem that entertains and rewards.

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Immortal Coil RPG

Play the fun and immersive Immortal RPG game on your PC, the web or on your mobile device.

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Immortal Coil DeFi

Hunt down innocent victims and level up your blood level by drinking their blood.

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Immortal Coil Webtoons

Read the exciting story of Kais battle as an immortal Vampire and earn tokens by participating.

Get started with IMMORTAL COIL

Follow the 3 easy steps below to mint NFTs, tokens and play the games.

  1. 1

    Mint Founder NFT

    Mint a vampire NFT, one per wallet

  2. 2

    Claim Tokens

    Claim IMRTL and BLOOD tokens on the token page

  3. 3

    Start Game with NFT

    You need to own an NFT to play any game