Very first Vampire NFT Mint on the Binance Smart Chain

Immortal Coil is Gothic Vampire Soulslike RPG and manga webtoon. Kai is a royal, immortal vampire who is being targeted by the soul-eating demon Necrocorvo. The evil beast is holding Kais consort Cirice captive in the castle Frosthaven. Kai has to go on a quest through Therondia to confrom the powerful demon and be reunited with his beloved without running out of blood. Use this early asset in gaining more assets in the Immortaldapp.

Only 30 ERC-721 NFTs exclusively available on BNB!

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Immortal RPG Game and NFT Collection

Collect NFTs and tokens to use in our games, animes and webtoons. Create a community ecosystem that entertains and rewards.

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Immortal Coil RPG

Play the fun and immersive Immortal RPG game on your PC, the web or on your mobile device.

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Immortal Coil DeFi

Hunt down innocent victims and level up your blood level by drinking their blood.

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Immortal Coil Webtoons

Read the exciting story of Kais battle as an immortal Vampire and earn tokens by participating.

Get started with IMMORTAL COIL

Follow the 3 easy steps below to mint NFTs, tokens and play the games.

  1. 1

    Mint Founder NFT

    Mint a vampire NFT, one per wallet

  2. 2

    Claim Tokens

    Claim IMRTL and BLOOD tokens on the token page

  3. 3

    Start Game with NFT

    You need to own an NFT to play any game