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Beautiful first NFT of Immortal Coil main vampires Kai and Cirice to be used in the Soulslike RPG and used to get BLOOD rewards.

Immortal Vampire Edition

Supply: 30 NFTs

Cost: 0.045 BNB

You can claim max. 3 NFTs per wallet

Bat Divider

Purchase MONSTER HUNT NFTs with $BLOOD to boost your Vampires power and gain more $BLOOD.

Use your IMMORTAL COIL tokens for the following cool things:

Earn rewards in the RPG

Get rewards for missions and quests successfully accomplished in the Memento Mori RPG and trade tokens for in-game NFTs.

Boost your Vampire

Use various monsters to boost the powers of your vampire and earn $BLOOD tokens in the BLoodhunt DeFi game.

Win reward NFTs

Use the tokens to participate in the anime and webtoons and get rewarded for each correctly answered question.

Contract Addresses on Bscscan:

Founders Edition NFTs: Coming soon

Monster NFTs: Coming soon